The Beginning of a Journey

You can take the girl out of weather, but you can’t take the weather out of the girl.

As I write my first blog post, a thunderstorm is banging around in the sky (I guess to remind me that you can take the girl out of weather, but you can't take the weather out of the girl). At the end of this month, my time in the Air Force will be coming to a close; after nine years of service to my beautiful nation, I'm trading my anemometer for a picture frame. And I couldn't be more excited!! There are a lot of exciting milestones coming up soon (maybe even a storefront, so keep your eyes and ears open), but in the meantime I wanted to highlight what I've been working on this week.

A friend of mine brought this old nautical map of Georgia/South Carolina to me. It was so weird to see a nautical map that doesn't have Charleston as the focal point, but it was also a 1700's era depiction, so I let it slide (LoL). To bring out the details of the green outline in the map I chose a green accent map and it turned out great. A dry mount kept the map from bubbling up in the future and we were both happy with the end results!

The other project I've been working on is a restoration of some cross stitch work from 1979. As I am taking them out of the frames I can see a little bit of yellowing so I'm going to add a cleaning step to the process. That phase is going well so far, but the staining is stubborn! There's a fine line between being aggressive and preserving the integrity of the colors and pattern. The best plan of attack is to work progressively in steps, and take your time... same with most things in life that are worth preserving.

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